Valentine’s Horrors on Kendall Reviews

Over on Kendall Reviews you’ll find all the Valentine’s horror your heart desires!

Steve Stred has a Clive Barker inspired story called “Flayed Flesh.” I have no doubt Mr. Barker would approve.

Ben Walker’s story is sure to unlock your love. Check out “Key to Their Heart.”

Hope you’re not eating candy hearts when you read “Retrogress” by Michelle Enelen. Follow this beautiful and grotesque descent, and maybe stay away from office romances.

Ginger isn’t interested in a romantic dinner for two, but she is hungry. Find out what she’s craving in “Devoured” by Miranda Crites.

And yes, I have a new story posted as well. For some people Valentine’s Day is the worst time of the year. That’s definitely the case for Joyce, whose story might just break your heart. Read “Shackles” and you’ll see why.

Here’s an excerpt:

Shackles by J.A. Sullivan


Joyce let her fingertips glide along the raised scar across her cheek, under her right eye. The skin was smooth, like a line of Barbie Doll plastic melted onto her face. If she sat still for long enough, the sounds and smells of that Valentine’s night long ago flooded back, and so did the pain. Tangy shoe polish filled each jagged breath. A heel stomped and snapped ribs as easily as a child smashing ice on a puddle. Thousands of needles and knives stabbed through her back, chest, and face. Crumpled and broken under the kitchen table, Joyce heard the clacking of size eleven men’s dress shoes against the apartment’s laminate floor, walking away without a care and without hurry.

Now those same shoes tapped the table leg, begging for attention. “How many times do we need to go over this?” Craig snarled from the opposite side of the candle lit table. He shoved his soup bowl forward, clanging it against the crystal votive holder.

“Until it’s enough,” Joyce replied. She stood, picked up their bowls and took them to the kitchen.

If you’d like to read the rest, head on over to Kendall Reviews!

While you’re there, spread the love by reading the other fantastic Valentine’s horror stories mentioned above. Don’t forget to subscribe to Kendall Reviews so you never miss another post.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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