Guest Book Review: The Only Child, reviewed by Jennifer Sullivan

This month Steve Stred is celebrating the amazing Andrew Pyper with a series of posts called PYPER-MAY-NIA!

Being a huge Pyper fan myself, just reading these posts wasn’t enough, so I contributed my review of ‘The Only Child.’ It’s an excellent novel weaving together the vile creatures of Frankenstein’s monster, Mr. Hyde, and Dracula. So check it out!


the only child cover

Title: The Only Child

Author: Andrew Pyper


I’m pleased to also offer up a guest review from my friend Jennifer Sullivan of Andrew’s fantastic book ‘The Only Child.’ Jen is a fantastic friend, fellow reviewer from Kendall Reviews and one of the few people in the book world I’ve actually met!

(I’m super jealous because Jen has actually met Andrew!)

Take it away Jen!


Years ago, my critique buddy, Larry Brown, convinced me to attend a book reading from an author I hadn’t heard of at the Brantford Public Library.

“He writes spooky things. You’ll like it,” Larry said, knowing my weakness for anything horror related.

The author was Andrew Pyper, the book ‘The Damned.’ Walking out of that live reading I became a Pyper fan. Not just because ‘The Damned’ sounded like something I needed to read (which it was), but because of the…

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2020! When Did That Happen?

Hello lovely readers! Did you miss me? Based on some messages I’ve received lately, at least a few of you have. My last post was in April 2019, and that’s when life got crazy. Not in a bad way, just a bit overwhelming. Being a writer can pull you in many different directions at once.... Continue Reading →

The Round Table #2 – “Anthologies”

I was recently invited to share my thoughts on TV and film anthologies as part of a roundtable discussion, hosted by my friends Michael and the Cheetah from “The Inner Circle” blog. The result was terrific! Check it out and be sure to give The Inner Circle a follow for lots of fantastic movie reviews and more discussions about film.

The Inner Circle

Its 11:55 pm

I really liked the feedback we got from doing our first Round Table. Reading the various voices from all over was a lot of fun and so I decided to try this format again.  I decided to chat about “Anthologies” and invite several new voices to chip in and share their thoughts about the genre.
In assembling this entry,which is basically an anthology in of itself,I found out why this is not a easy medium to tackle. The cheetah and I have tackled a couple of these films ourselves and have had mixed results. In discussing what makes a good anthology,I reached out to several writers whose blogs I enjoy reading to share their point of views about their favorite films and TV series.

Matt Nelson is the man behind the film blog “UNREAL TV” where he reviews a wide variety of indie films,TV series…

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Friday Guest Post

My friend, Bryan Fagan, invited me to write a guest blog post, and I took the opportunity to talk about how I broke out of my shell to start an in-person critique group. Enjoy!

And while you’re there, you should start following his fantastic blog!

A Crack in the Pavement

My good friend J.A. Sullivan is my guest host today. I’m always curious what she has to say and when she accepted my invitation it made my day.

I was part of her beta reading team a few months back and I must say, she caught me off guard.

J.A. Sullivan’s style of writing convinces you all is well. The setting is safe, the comfort is real and her characters remind you of happy memories. There were times when I swore her characters were in the same room with me.

Sometimes I still do.

But as you settle in to this wonderful slice of paradise a tiny chill hits the air. As you search for a jacket you realize it is not a chill that is curling your toes but something dark, forgotten and haunting.

I do not scare too often but I did when I read her work. Yes…

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