Short Story: In the Dark

[Last week one of the people I follow on Twitter challenged his followers to write a creepy bedtime story within one tweet. The following story is what I came up with. Enjoy!] The neighbor’s husky is barking. Growling. From bed, I reach and pull back the drapes. Nothing. The growl becomes a whine. I look... Continue Reading →


Now Available – Boxes of Blood

If you love reading horror, you'll want to place an order with Red Cape Publishing! They have a large selection of anthologies, novellas, and full length novels. Click on the link below for full details on how you can receive a mystery box of frightful stories. via Boxes of Blood

Short Story: The Scammer

The metal knocker was heavier in Luke’s hand than it had been at the other houses. Cold black iron, thick as rope, with a square block at the bottom where it contacted with the palm-sized plate on the door. Probably the original fixture on the late sixties, maybe early seventies, two-storey red brick house with... Continue Reading →

Editing Hell – AKA Camp NaNo

After completing a story of any length, there's a sort of euphoria that sweeps over me. Finishing the first draft gives me a great sense of accomplishment, and I try to hold on to that feeling for as long as I can before the next step starts - the dreadful edit. Nothing quashes that happy... Continue Reading →

Short Story: The Forest

The Forest by J.A. Sullivan   Before Marie even opened her eyes, she knew she was no longer in the hospital. Her skin was damp with dew. The air felt different moving in and out of her lungs. A deep organic smell of decaying earth filled her nostrils with each breath, nothing at all like... Continue Reading →

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