Review Policy


Think your work has what it takes to send chills down my spine? Simply use the Contact tab and let me know the title of your work, a brief synopsis, and, if you’re offering an ARC, the date of wide release. If my interest is piqued, I’ll give you a firm date by which I will provide a review. And, if I’d highly recommend your work to others, then I will schedule an interview. I accept ebooks, with a preference for Kindle (.mobi) format but can work with other formats as well. Both traditionally published and indie authors are welcomed.

What I want: Adult Horror, including all horror subgenres. I’m also interested in: Horror Short Story Anthologies or Collections; Crime Fiction with strong horror elements; True Crime; Non-Fiction Horror with a focus on the history of horror in film and/or literature, paranormal investigations, or cryptozoology. I will accept both Novellas and Full-Length Novels. My preference is for stand alone works.

What I DO NOT want: Young Adult, New Adult, or anything intended for younger readers; Fantasy, including any of its subgenres; Hard Science Fiction; Westerns; Romance; Cozy Mysteries.

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