How I became a better Beta Reader — A Crack in the Pavement

This year I had my first experience at finding beta readers for my novel, and I’m so glad I did! Once my edits are finally done, I’ll be posting more about my experiences in tackling my first book.

But for now, I highly recommend checking out this post by one of my beta readers, explaining how he switched from thinking like a writer to commenting as a reader and how all writers can benefit from becoming beta readers.

Bryan provided great comments and suggestions as my beta reader, and if he offers to help you out jump at the opportunity! His blog is also fantastic, so browse around after you read this post, and I’m sure you’ll want to click ‘follow’ as soon as you do.


Note: This post is not about an Elven Prince. It simply made me laugh, plus the dude can act. What’s not to love. 🙂 My Summer Reading Last summer a writer friend took up my offer to beta read her novel. I hadn’t done this for a long time and my nerves were showing. […]

via How I became a better Beta Reader — A Crack in the Pavement

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